Areas of expertise :

Energy trading & Portfolio optimisation:

Indian Power trading exchange has led to the development of a spot market for Power, which in turn has increased the tariff volatility.Volatile tariifs pose a risk to sustained profit for  generating companies.

The power utilities need to strike a balance between the amount of power sold through fixed PPA & Merchant route. 

The export oriented   oil refineries also need to optimize their   portfolio of  refined products sold through fixed forward contracts  &  spot  contracts.

Our energy trading advisory services helps our clients to  optimally combine both physical trading approaches and financial trading approaches so as to optimize their energy portfolio.

It covers various aspects of energy trading decisions i.e.

  • Optimal allocation between spot and  forward contract market
  • Pricing contracts with different load profiles
  • Optimizing dark spread, spark spread & crack spread
  • Optimizing the customer portfolio.
  • Logistics management
  • Inventory monetization
  • Creating Structured energy products .

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