Areas of expertise :

Energy Risk management

The energy companies, mainly the power generation utilities  profitability is affected by volatility in merchant power tariffs, low evacuation &  rising fuel cost.  The oil refineries & marketing companies profitability is  affected by crude oil volatility and the spread movements.

The energy consumers  are also exposed to volatile energy prices.Apart from price risk, there are other  important risks specific to energy markets for example  delivery risk in case of transmission congestions .

We believe that energy markets are different , with different pricing system  and risk characteristics.  
Our deep understanding of Indian  energy markets,  types of risks, risk drivers and local issues , helps us deign a strong  risk management  framework for our clients.

We assist our clients in: 

  •  Designing energy risk management system & process.
  •  Energy Risk Mapping
  •  Energy Risk calculataions
  •  Energy Risk control strategies
  •  Energy Risk reports

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